Blue Water Technical Performance Sun Guard

What the Fin Apparel


Available Nov. 5th

What The Fin - AO Technology Performs and is unparalleled beauty graphically to the lifestyle with Wicking / UPF 50+ / Antimicrobial / Quick Dry / Butter Soft Lightweight Comfort. Keeps you cool & dry. Superior moisture-wicking to improve the body's core performance. UV-certified fabrics dry rapidly with zinc technology prohibits bacteria. Permanent properties made to last, providing effective moisture-wicking & upf 50 sun blocking and butter soft wear throughout the life of the garment.

Perfect Combo: Matches our Performance Hooded Shirts 


  • 90% Poly 10% Spandex Blended Fabric
  • Comfortable Lightweight
  • Soft Mesh Breathable Face Cover
  • Sport Quick Dry
  • Antimicrobial
  • UPF50+


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